Payroll and CIS

We provide weekly or monthly payroll and CIS services for clients. Rates vary according to the type of payslip required. Please see our prices page for more information.

If you have more than 10 employees or subcontractors on either a weekly or monthly payroll, a special bulk discount rate is available depending on the number you require to be processed.

All prices include the cost of submitting the RTI to HMRC as a Registered Agent and a copy of the submission receipt will be provided to you for your records.



Where indicated with a ‘*’ the payslip come in a white envelope ready for you to hand or post to your staff.

Also provided at no additional cost is an Employers payslip (P30), payment summary and either a cash makeup or bank payment report to enable you to make the payments to your staff.

The payslips that can be provided in the following forms:


Sample DL payslip printed onto plain paper
Sample SE96 Payslip printed onto payroll stationery

Sample SE100 Payslip printed onto security mailer payroll stationery, folded and sealed

Construction Industry Scheme

As a Contractor, it may be that your subcontractors may require weekly confirmation of the work that they have been paid for and the deductions that have been applied.  I can provide weekly payslips for your subcontractors.

Sample CIS subcontractor payslip








Sample CIS Subcontractor Monthly Payment Basic Certificate


At the end of each period, we can produce the monthly Payment and Deduction Statement, which can be provided in one of three formats – Basic, Standard or Detailed.

The basic statement will be provided, printed on A4 paper ready for you to hand deliver or as a PDF which will be emailed either to you or direct to your subcontractors if required.





Sample CIS Subcontractor DL Envelope Monthly Payment Certificate


Standard statement is printed onto A4 paper and then folded and placed into envelopes, ready for you to post out or hand deliver to your subcontractors – or a discount can be offered if you just require a digital copy to be emailed to you or direct to your subcontractors or printed without an envelope.







Sample CIS Subcontractor Detailed Payment Certificate


Detailed Payment Certificate in a printed format, with the detailed statement included.

An electronic version in a PDF form is also available which will be emailed directly to you or to your subcontractor.




Because there is no postage costs involved in emailing a digital copy, we can pass these savings onto you by providing the service at a discounted rate.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please fill our contact form